A few things available on the internet

Web sites

There are a couple of web sites which I have worked on recently which you might find of interest.

Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Mailing lists

For those interested in public transit in the Montreal area the Montrain list would be of interest.

For those interested in firefighting in the Montreal area the SPIM-L list would be of interest.

Some of my interests

As the existence of the Montrain list attests I am a railfan. Among the railway lines which are of interest to me are the Montréal-Rigaud, the Montréal-Deux Montagnes and the Montréal-Blainville commuter lines.

Some railfans who are interested in the Canadian National Railways have used the CN web page to trace equipment which interests them but the station codes sometimes are a bit baffling. I have been working on a list of these codes and their equivelent locations which you are welcome to peruse. If you have any questions or can add information please e-mail me.

The railways were important in Canada's history and this is reflected in the music we have. I decided to compile a list of songs with a Canadian railway theme

Well, we survived the Great Ice Storm of '98! The pictures are lousy and I hope to improve this page but here is some information about the storm and what happened to the local radio stations.

Over the years in reading the various messages which have been posted to Montrain I have developed some interest in public transit and the historian in me wondered about the various busses which have been used by the STCUM and its predecessors. Finally I managed to track down a cumulative list of busses and as I am able I am adding comments to it.

Given some of the folks I know and my interest in public service and safety I've become interested in some of the emergency services. I'm starting to develop some links to various fire departments.

As time permits I will try to add further discussions of my railfan and other interests.

If you have any comments, send an e-mail message.