| CN Place Names |

Thanks to Roman Hawryluk, Vernon Ikeda, Paul Duncan, Gerard Burridge, Tom Box, Brian Martyniuk, Glenn Courtney, Paul Bloxham, Tim Green, Pat Scrimgeour, Christopher Roberts, Todd Minsk, Ian Cranstone, Dave Luehr, Gordon Webster, Bruce Dixon, Jim Brock, Herb Dixon, Brian Ellis, Samuel Thidobeau, Michel Dufault, Elain McMillan, Christian Base, Stirling Millar and others for their assistance in correcting and filling out the list.

ABBOTSFOR BC    Abbotsford
ABERCROMB NS    Abercrombie Point       At the end (Mile 8.0) of the
					Oxford Spur from the CB&CNS's 
					Hopewell Sub (Jct at Stellarton
					MP:40.7).  A pulp mill owned by
					Kimberly-Clark is located there.
ABERFELDY SK    Aberfeldy
ADAMS     WI    Adams
AJAX      ON	Ajax		Mi 310.4 Kingston Sub, Mi 3.5 GO Sub.
ALDERSHOT ON    Aldershot       Mi 34.6 Oakville Sub
ALELAKE   BC    Aleza Lake?     Mi 108.8 Fraser Sub
ALEXANDRI VA    Alexandria
ALIX      AB    Alix            Mi 6.1 Three Hills Sub
ALLENTOWN PA    Allentown
ALLMINES  SK    Allan Mines     Off mile 160.1 Watrous Sub (Allan 
				Potash Mine), near Allan, SK.
ALTOONA   PA    Altoona
ALWINSAL  SK    Alwinsal        Off mile 123.9 Watrous Sub (another
				Potash mine), near Lanigan, SK. 
AMERY     MB    Amery           Mi 355.0 Herchmer Sub
AMFSHOP   PQ    Montreal        Atelier Montreal Facility, ex Pointe St.
				Charles Shops
AMSTERDAM SK    Amsterdam       Mi 7.8 Assiniboine Sub
ANNACIS   BC    Annacis         (SRY) Annacis Island is in the Fraser 
				River, offshore of New Westminster.
ARBORFIEL SK    Arborfield      Mi 19.4 Arborfield Sub (end of line)
ARGENATSF KS    Kansas City     Argentine Yard, (BNSF, ex-ATSF)
ARGONNE   WI    Argonne
ARMSTRONG ON    Armstrong       Mi 243.8 Caramat Sub, Mi 0.0 Allanwater 
				Sub; crew change point; eastern limit of
				both the Laverendrye District and CN West
				on the transcontinental main line; western
				limit of both the Great Lakes District and
				CN East on the transcontinantel main line. 
ARVIDA    PQ    Arvida          Connection with the Roberval-Saguenay  
ASHCROFT  BC    Ashcroft        Mi 48.7 Ashcroft Sub
ASTJCT    PQ	Aston Jct.	Mi 72.4 Drummondville Sub.
ATIKOKAN  ON    Atikokan        Mi 141.4 Kashabowie Sub, Mi 0.0 Fort
				Frances Sub.
ATLANTA   GA	Atlanta		
AUBINTTER ME	Auburn		(SLR CN) Auburn Intermodal Terminal
AUBURN    ME	Auburn		(SLR)
AYLSHAM   SK    Aylsham         Mi 40.2 Brooksby Sub
BAICOMEAU PQ    Baie Comeau     Ferry? from Matane (Matane Sub) COGEMA 
				runs the ferry between Matane and Baie
				Comeau; CN may have some ownership in 
				COGEMA.  CN does own the C.F. Matane et 
				du Golfe (Canada and Gulf Terminals Ry.) 
				between Mont-Joli and Matane.
BALTIMORE MD    Baltimore 
BASHAW    AB    Bashaw          Mi 84.3 Camrose Sub
BATCREEK  MI    Battle Creek
BATSPUR   ON	Bath Spur	Mi 190.3 Kingston Sub running 5.6 miles 
				south from south track.Ontario Hydro and
				Canada Cement are only two customers.
BAYVIEW   MD    Bayview 
BAYVIEW   ON	Bayview		Junction at Mi 36.9 Oakvill Sub and Mi 0.0
				Dundas Sub.
BEATTY    ID    Beatty
BECANCOUR PQ    Becancour	Mi 25.0 Becancour Sub.  (Becancour Sub.
				joins Drummondville Sub. at Mi 72.5 near
				Aston Jct.)
BEECHY    SK    Beechy          Mi 94.3 Conquest Sub (end of line)
BEEISLAND SC    Beech Island    CSX near Aiken  
BELLEHART AB    ?               ?
BELLEVILL ON    Belleville	VIA Station Mi 220.7 Kingston sub; yard
				between Moira Mi 220.9 and Wilson Mi 219.2
BELPASSEN ON    Belleville      Passenger station, Mi 220.7, Kingston Sub
BELRIVIER PQ    Belle Riviere   M.P. 24.6 Montfort Spur
BERLIN    NH    Berlin          On the St.Lawrence & Atlantic, and used to
				be a junction with the Boston & Maine.
BIGGAR    SK    Biggar          Jct of Watrous and Wainwright Subs
BIRHILLS  SK    Birch Hills     Mi 135.7 Tisdale Sub
BIRHUB    AL    Birmingham Hub?
BIRISLAND BC    Birch Island    Mi 61.6 Clearwater Sub
BIRMINGHA AL    Birmingham	Mi 39.4 Chatham Sub.
BLAROCK   NY    Black Rock      US end of bridge at Fort Erie
BLOOMCMNW IL    Bloomington     Chicago, Missouri & Western
BLUISLAND IL    Blue Island     Served by the Indiana Harbor Belt
BLURIVER  BC    Blue River      Junction of Clearwater and Albreda Subs
BOISE     ID    Boise
BOSBAR    BC    Boston Bar      Junction of Ashcroft and Yale Subs
BOTHWELL  ON	Bothwell	Mi 39.4 Chatham Sub.
BOWGREEN  KY    Bowling Green
BOWMANVIL ON	Bowmanville	Former station Mi 291 Kingston Sub.; Hot
				box detector Mi 290.5
BRADDOCK  NJ	Braddock	
BRAINTTER ON    Brampton        Brampton Intermodal Terminal
BRAMPTON  ON    Brampton        Mi. 15.4 Halton Sub.  NW of Toronto
BRANDON   MB    Brandon         Junction of Carberry and Cromer Subs
BRANTFORD ON	Brantford	Mi 23.0 Dundas Sub.
BRENTWOOD NY    Brentwood
BRIGHTON  ON	Brighton	Mi 240.8 Kingston Sub. Connecting track to
				STLH Belleville Sub.
BRISTOW   KY    Bristow
BROBRANCH BC    Queensboro Branch ?
				On the Southern Railway of BC or CN also
				has a branch onto Lulu Island.
BROCKVILL ON    Brockville      Mi 125.6 Kingston Sub
BROKAW    WI    Brokaw
BROMPTONV PQ	Bromptonville
BROSSARD  ON	Brossard	Mi 35.3 Rouses Point Sub.
BRUDERHEI AB    Bruderheim      northeast of Edmonton, source of sand for some
				CN locomotives
BRUMILLS  NB    ?		Brunswick Mills (?) this one is a mystery.
BRUMINE   NB    Brunswick Mines	Mi 14.7 Nepisiquit Sub (end of line)
BUCKSPORT ME    Bucksport       Maine Central (Guilford System)
BUFFALO   NY    Buffalo
BUFFROYAR NY    Buffalo         Frontier Yard (Conrail)
BURLINGTO ON    Burlington      Mi 31.5 Oakville Sub
BUTLER    WI    Butler
CADOMIN   AB    Cadomin         Mi 23.7 Mountain Park Sub
CALGARY   AB    Calgary         
CALINTTER AB	Calgary		Calgary Intermodal Terminal
CAMPBELLT NB    Campbellton     Jct of Newcastle and Mont-Joli Subs
CANGRAONL SK    Canora          Grain Only
CANORA    SK    Canora          Junciton of Assiniboine and Margo Subs
CANTON    OH    Canton 
CAPREOL   ON    Capreol         Mi 276.1 Bala Sub, Mi 0.0 Ruel Sub,
				formerly Mi. 311.1 Newmarket Sub.; VIA
				Station, freight yard, CLN Industries.
CARBO     PQ    Carbo           M.P. 34.3 Montfort spur
CARLYLE   SK    Carlyle         Mi 37.2 Lampman Sub
CARNABY   BC    Carnaby         Mi 57.2 Bulkley Sub
CARRIVER  SK    Carrot River    Mi 51.1 Brooksby Sub (end of line)
CECILE    PQ    Valleyfield     Junction with Conrail Montreal Branch
CHAMBERSB PA    Chambersburg    about 25 mi north of Hagerstown, MD.
				(CR and/or CSXT)  I think it is the
				interchange between former Reading and
				former Western Maryland
CHAMBORD  PQ    Chambord        Mi 159.5 Lac St-Jean Sub., Junction with
				Roberval Sub. at Mi 159.6
CHANDLER  PQ    Chandler        Mi 44.1 Chandler Sub (Gaspe)
CHATHAM   ON	Chatham		Mi 61.6 Chatham Sub.
CHATTANOO TN    Chattanooga
CHAUVIN   AB    Chauvin         Mi 106.9 Wainwright Sub
CHGWOODST IL	Chicago		Wood Street Intermodal Yard (CNW)	
CHIBOUGAM PQ    Chibougamau	Mi 199.1 Chapais Sub.
CHICAGO   IL    Chicago
CHICLEARI IL    Chicoga         BRC (Belt Railway of Chicago) Clearing
CHIINTTER IL	Chicago		Chicago Intermodal Terminal
CHILLIWAC BC    Chilliwack
CHUCHUA   BC    Chu Chua        Mi 90.9 Clearwater Sub
CHURCHILL MB    Churchill	Mi 509.8 HBR Herchmer Sub. (ex CN)
CINCINNAT OH    Cincinnati	(NS)
CLARKE    ON    Clarke          Mi 287.0 Kingston Sub.  E of Oshawa.
CLEARFIEL PA    Clearfield
CLEARING  IL	Chicago		Belt Raylway of Chicogo Clearing Yard
CLERMONT  PQ	Clermont	Mi 92.3 Chemin de Fer Charlevoix (ex CN
				Murray Bay Sub)
CLINTON   ON    Clinton         (GEXR)  Clinton Jct., just to 
				the west of town, is the junction of 
				their Goderich Sub and Exeter Sub.
CLOBAR    AB    East Edmonton   Clover Bar Yard, serves refineries
CLOSTER   NJ    Closter         
COAVALLEY AB    Coal Valley     Mi 48.5 Foothills Sub
COBOURG   ON    Cobourg         Mi 264.0 Kingston Sub
COHO      BC	?		?
COLLINGWO ON    Collingwood     Mi 31.2 Meaford Spur. It's now the west 
				end of the Meaford Spur, which does not 
				go to Meaford.  The spur does not reach 
				into the centre of Collingwood but only 
				the eastern part of town, 30.4 miles 
				west of Barrie (Allandale).
COLUMBIA  MD    Columbia
CONTRECOE PQ    Contrecoeur     Mi 31.3 Sorel Sub
CONWAY    PA	Conway
COPETOWN  ON    Copetown West?  Mi 10.9 Dundas Sub
CORNWALL  ON    Cornwall        Mi 68.0 Kingston Sub
COTEAU    PQ    Coteau Station?
CRAIK     SK    Craik           Mi 71.8 Craik Sub
CREE      ON    Cree            Mi 291.9 Ruel Sub
DALLAS    TX	Dallas
DANVILLE  IN    Danville
DAUPHIN   MB    Dauphin         Jct of Gladstone and Togo Subs
DAUGRAEMP MB    Dauphin         Grain Empties
DAVIDSON  SK    Davidson        Mi 88.6 Craik Sub
DECATUR   IL	Decatur
DECRENE   AB    Decrene         Mi 137.8 Slave Lake Sub
DEERSDALE NB	Deersdale	M.P. 114.9 Napadogan Sub.
DETINTTER MI	Detroit		Detroit Intermodal Terminal
DETROIT   MI    Detroit		(CN)
DEUMONTAG PQ    Deux Montagnes  
DIAMOND   MB	Diamond		Mi 14.4 Rivers Sub
DINOSAUR  AB    Dinosaur        Mi 40.3 Drumheller Sub
DON       ON    Toronto         Don Yard, Mi 332.6 Kingston Sub. Don 
				Yard is on the south side of the 
				Kingston Sub. just east of Cherry 
				Street.  Don is the major Toronto 
				downtown yard for CN, and also a 
				crew-change point for trains which 
				run through Toronto without switching.
DONCASTER ON	Doncaster	Mi 18.4 York Sub, Mi 16.1 Bala Sub;
				crossings at grade with connections in
				NE, NW and SW quadrants.
DONSPUR   PQ    Montreal        Doney Spur
DOUVILLE  PQ    Douville        Mi 43.3 St. Hyacinthe Sub.
DRUMMONDV PQ	Drummondville	Mi 98.3 Drummondville Sub.
DUGALD    MB	?		?
DUNBLANE  SK    Dunblane        Mi 59.3 Conquest Sub
DURAND    MI	Durand		Mi 253.3 Flint Sub. Mi 67.0 Holly Sub.
				Jct with CGMN
EAGLESHAM AB    Eaglesham       Mi 315.7 Smoky Sub
EALBURGH  VT    East Alburgh    
AEMES     MI	?		?
EASTPORT  ID    Eastport
EDGMOOR   DE    Edgmoor
EDMCALCLE AB    Edmonton        Walker Yard, Cleaning Track
EDMINTTER AB	Edmonton	Edmonton Intermodal Terminal
EDMONTON  AB    Edmonton        This is probably downtown (Via station)

EDMPASSEN AB	Edmonton	Passenger Station at mile 266.7 Wainwright
EDMUNDSTO NB    Edmundston      Mi 219.4 Napadogan Sub, Mi 0.0 Pelletier
EDSON     AB    Edson           Mi. 129.6 Edson Sub
ELDERSLEY SK    Eldersley       Mi 63.1 Tisdale Sub
ELIZABETH NJ	Elizabeth City	
ELKHART   IN    Elkhart
ELSDON    IL	Elsdon		Mi 8.7 South Bend Sub. Jct. with BNSF
EMMETT    MI	Emmett Street	Mi 178.6 South Bend/Flint Subs.
ENDAKO    BC    Endako          Jct of Telkwa and Nechako Subs
ENGLEHART ON	Englehart	Mi 138.5 ONR Temagami Sub, Mi 0.0 ONR
				Ramore Sub.
ENTWISTLE AB    Entwistle       Mi 66.3 Edson Sub
EOLA      IL	Eola		BNSF
EPEORIA   IL	East Peoria?
ERLANGER  KY	Erlanger ?	(NS)
ESTON     SK    Eston           Mi 84.4 Elrose Sub
EXTON	  ON	Exton		Mi 139.5 Caramat Sub.
FAICOVIMP NS	Fairview Cove	Fairview Cove Container Terminal
				M.P. 0.3 Deepwater Branch
FALHER    AB    Falher          Mi 273.6 Smoky Sub
FAULKNER  MB    Faulkner        Mi 5.9 Steep Rock Sub
FEREX     FL    Ferex ?         
FISKE     SK    Fiske           Mi 87.2 Rosetown Sub
FITZPATRI PQ    Fitzpatrick     Jct of La Tuque and St-Maurice Subs
FITZWILLI BC    Fitzwilliam     Mi 25.2 Albreda Sub
FLAROCK   MI    Flat Rock
FLIFLON   MB    Flin Flon       Mi 87.3 Flin Flon Sub (end of line)
FLINT     MI	Flint		Mi 270.0 Flint Sub.
FLIFLOJCT MB    Flin Flon Jct.  Jct of Flin Flon and Wekusko Subs
FOLEYET   ON	Foleyet		Mi 148.3 Ruel Sub
FOLLAKE   NS    Folly Lake      Mi 24 Springhill Sub
FONDULAC  WI	Fond du Lac	(WC)
FONLAC    WI	Fond du Lac	WC Trackage rights
FRASER    MI	Fraser
PTERIE    ON	Fort Erie	Mi 1.0 Stamford Sub.
FTFRANCES ON    Fort Frances	Mi 89.1 Fort Frances Sub.
FTROUGE   MB    Fort Rouge      (Winnipeg)
FTSASKATC AB    Fort Saskatchewan ?
FOLEYET   ON    Foloyet         Mi 148.3 Ruel Sub
FORTKENT  ME    Fort Kent       BAR
FTROUGE   MB    Fort Rouge
GARNEAU   PQ    Garneau         Yard, Mi 40.6 Joliette Sub
GARRY     ON    Garry           Mi 52.4 Kingston Sub.  E of Cornwall.
GASPE     PQ    Gaspe           Mi 104.2 Chandler Sub - end of line
GILLAM    MB    Gillam          Jct of Thicket and Herchmer Subs
GIROUXVIL AB    Girouxville     Mi 279.7 Smoky Sub
GISCOME   BC    Giscome         Mi 122.4 Fraser Sub
GLADSTONE MI    Gladstone
GLEROBERT ON    Glen Robertson  Jct of Alexandria and Vankleek Subs.
				The Vankleek Sub is now the Ontario, 
				L'Orignal Ry.
GLIDDEN   SK    Glidden         Jct of Mantario and Elrose Subs
GOODEVE   SK    Goodeve         Mi 18.8 Watrous Sub
GRAMERE   PQ    Grand Mere      Mi 44.2 Joliette Sub.
GRAPRAIRI AB    Grande Prairie  Jct of Grande Cache and Grand Prairie Subs
GREBAY    WI    Green Bay
GREEN BAY WI    Green Bay
GREWORKS  ME    Great Works     north of Bangor on the MEC, part of Old
GRIFFITH  IN	Griffith	Mi 36.1 South Bend Sub. Jct. w/EJ&E
GUELPH    ON    Guelph		Mi 48.8 Guelph Sub.
GUILDWOOD ON    Guildwood       VIA/GO Station Mi 321.2 Kingston Sub. 
HAGERSTOW MD    Hagerstown
HAGERSVIL ON	Hagersville
HALHALTER NS	Halifax		HalTerm Container Terminal
				M.P. 0.4 Bedford Sub.
HALIFAX   NS    Halifax         mile 0 Bedford Sub
HALINTTER NS	Halifax		Intermodal Terminal
HAMILTON  ON    Hamilton        Jct of Oakville and Grimsby Subs
HANNA     AB    Hanna           Jct of Drumheller and Oyen Subs
HARGWEN   AB    Hargwen         Mi 168.8 Edson Sub
HARRISBUR PA    Harrisburg
HARVEY    IL	Harvey
HASELTON  OH    Haselton
HASKELLS  IN	Haskells	Mi 64.4 South Bend Sub.
HERVEY    PQ    Hervey          Jct of La Tuque and Lac St-Jean Subs
HILLYARD  WA    Hillyard        part of Spokane (BNSF, ex-GN)
HINCHLIFF SK    Hinchliffe      Mi 32.5 Assiniboine Sub
HINCREEK  AB    Hines Creek	End of track on Peace River(?) Sub.
				former NAR
HINKLE    OR    Hinkle
HINTON    AB    Hinton          Mi 184.6 Edson Sub
HOLDFAST  SK    Holdfast        Mi 50.6 Imperial Sub (end of line)
HOLLIDAYS PA    Hollidaysburg   CSX, near Altoona
HORNEPAYN ON    Hornepayne      Jct of Ruel and Caramat Subs
HOUSTON   TX	Houston		(UP SP)
HUDBAY    SK    Hudson Bay Jct? 
HUDBAY    SK    Hudson Bay      Jct of Turnberry and Tisdale Subs
HUDSON    ON    Hudson
HULL      PQ    Hull
HUMBER    ON	Humber		Mi 4.3 Halton Sub.
HUMBOLDT  SK    Humboldt        Jct of Margo and Aberdeen Subs
HUMPHREY  NB    Humphrey	Mi 122.6 Springhill Sub.
HUNTINGDO PQ    Huntingdon      
IMPERIAL  SK    Imperial        Mi 22.4 Imperial Sub
INKITSAPH BC    Inkitsaph       Mi 115.3 Ashcroft Sub
IMLCITY   MI	Imlay City	Mi 302.0 Flint Sub.
INGERSOLL ON	Ingersoll	Mi 59.0 Dundas Sub.
IRVCO     NB    Irvco           Mi 132.1 Newcastle Sub
ISLPOND   VT    Island Pond
ISLPONIC  VT    Island Pond     Interchange between CN's Sherbrooke Sub
				and the St. Lawrence & Atlantic.
ISLVERTE  PQ	Isle Verte	Mi 172.6 Mont Joli Sub between Rimouski
				and Riviere du Loup.
ITASCA    WI    Superior        C&NW Itasca Yard
ITUNA     SK    Ituna           Ituna is west of Melville, on a section 
				of ex-GTP line which has stations in 
				alphabetical order (Melville is not 
				in the alphabetic sequence).
JACKMAN   BC    Jackman         Mi 65.5 Albreda Sub
JACKSONVI FL    Jacksonville
JASPER    AB    Jasper          Jct of Edson and Albreada Subs 
JESSUP    MD    Jessup
JOFFRE    PQ    Joffre          Joffre Yard (near Levis)
JOLIETTE  PQ    Joliette        Mi 101.9 Joliette Sub
JONQUIERE PQ    Jonquiere       mi 200.8 Lac St-Jean Sub.
JOPLIN    MO    Joplin
KALAMAZOO MI    Kalamazoo
KALIUM    SK    Kalium          Mi 24.3 Central Butte Sub
KAMLOOPS  BC    Kamloops        Jct of Clearwater and Ashcroft Subs
KANCITY   MO    Kansas City 
KAPUSKASI ON    Kapuskasing
KELLIHER  SK    Kelliher        Kelliher is two stations west of Ituna.
				The alphabet in that section runs 
				Atwater, Bangor, . . . , Fenwood, 
				Goodeve, Hubbard, Ituna, Jasmin, 
				Kelliher, Leross, . . . , Punnichy, 
				Quinton, Raymore, Semans, . . . , 
				Venn, Watrous, Young, and Zelma.
KELOWNA   BC    Kelowna
KIDDERS   ME    Kidders
KILSYTH   AB    Kilsyth         Mi 87.4 Westlock Sub
KIMBERLY  WI    Kimberley
KINDERSLE SK    Kindersley      Jct of Rosetown and Oyen Subs
KINGS     ON    Kings           Mi 162.0 Kingston Sub,
KINGSGATE BC    Kingsgate       Kingsgate is on the CPR, and is the 
				interchange with UP's Spokane 
				International.  The town on the U.S. 
				side is Eastport, Idaho.
KINGSTON  ON    Kingston        Mi 176.1 Kingston Sub
KINSAC    NS	Kinsac		Mi 20 Bedford Sub
KITCHENER ON    Kitchener       Was Berlin before World War I
KNOXVILLE TN    Knoxville
KWINITSA  BC	Kwinitsa	mi 48.2 Skeena Sub.
LACADENA  SK    Lacadena        Mi 24.2 White Bear Sub (end of line)
LAFERME   PQ    La Ferme
LAFLIN    PA	Laflin ?
LANSING   MI	Lansing		Mi 216.8 Flint Sub.
LAPEER    MI	Lapeer		Mi 290.0 Flint Sub.
LAPORTE   SK    Laporte         Mi 27.4 Mantario Sub
LAPRAIRIE PQ    Laprairie       Mi 81.6 Massena Spur Sub
LASARRE   PQ    La Sarre
LASHBURN  SK    Lashman         Mi 64.3 Blackfoot Sub
LASVEGAS  NV    Las Vegas 
LAREDO    TX    Laredo
LATUQUE   PQ    La Tuque        
LEASIDE   ON	Leaside
LEGAL     AB    Legal           Mi 31.5 Athabaska Sub
LEMPRIERE BC    Lempriere       Mi 106.3 Albreda Sub
LEOLA     PA    Leola
LETHBRICP AB    Lethbridge      (CPRS)
LEVIS     PQ    Levis           Mi 114.8 Montmagny Sub
LIMESTONE MB    Limestone       Mi 350.7 Herchmer Sub
LIMOILOU  PQ	Limoilou	Interchange between CFQ (Charlevoix) and
				CN St. Raymond Spur in Eastern Quebec
				City. Small Yard.
LIVERPOOL ON    Pickering       Mi 313.0 Kingston sub, Mi 1.4 York Sub
LLOYDMINS SK    Lloydminster    Mi 84.4 Blackfoot Sub
LONDON    ON    London          Jct of Dundas and Strathroy Subs
LONEAST   ON    London East     
LONGLAC   ON    Longlac
LONGLAC   ON    Longlac         Jct of Caramat and Kinghorn Subs
LONPT     PQ	Montreal	Longue Pointe Spur running between Pointe
				aux Trembles and Pie IX Blvd. in Montreal.
LUBBOCK   TX    Lubbock 
LUCLAKE   SK    Lucky Lake      Mi 79.1 Conquest Sub
LULISLYAR BC    Richmond        Lulu Island Yard
LYNLAKE   MB    Lynn Lake
MACON     GA    Macon 
MAGNOLIA  MS    Magnolia
MALPORT   ON	Malport		Mi 9.7 Halton Sub.
MALTON    ON	Malton		Halton Sub.
MAPLE     ON    Maple
MARCELLUS MI	Marcellus	Mi 135.0 South Bend Sub.
MARHEIGHT MO    ?               Maryland Hights???
MARIEVILL PQ	Marieville	Mi 38.82 Granby Spur.  End of track.
MARYFIELD SK    Maryfield       Mi 75.8 Cromer Sub
MASSENA   NY    Massena         Conrail
MATANE    PQ    Matane          On the CFMG (C>), which connects 
				with CN at Mont-Joli.
MATAPEDIA PQ    Matapedia       Jct of Mont-Joli and Cascapedia Subs
MATSQUI   BC    Matsqui         Mi 87.4 Yale Sub
MAYFIELD  KY    Mayfield
MCABEE    BC    McAbee          Mi 40.0 Ashcroft Sub
MCLENNAN  AB    McLennan        Jct of Slave Lake and Smoky Subs
MCLEOD    ON    McLeod          Mi 77.5 Dundas Sub (just east of London)
MEALAKE   SK    Meadow Lake     Mi 93.4 Meadow Lake Sub (end of line)
MELFORT   SK    Melfort         Mi 98.7 Tisdale Sub
MELVILLE  SK    Melville        Jct of Rivers and Watrous Subs
MEMPHIS   TN    Memphis
MEXCITY   DF    Mexico City
MIKADO    SK    Mikado          Mi 117.5 Togo Sub
MILFORD   NJ    Milford
MILLINOCK ME    Millinocket     Bangor and Aroostook
MILWAUKEE WI    Milwaukee
MIMICO    ON    Mimico          Mi 6.7 Oakville Sub 
				(site of VIA Toronto Maintenance Centre)
MINITONAS MB    Minitonas       Mi 87.3 Cowan Sub
MINTO     MB    Minto           Mi 30.4 Hartney Sub
MIRROR    AB    Mirror          Junction of Three Hils and Camrose Subs
MONCENSTA PQ    Montreal        Central Station
MONCTON   NB    Moncton         Mi 124.9 Springhill Sub, mi 0 Gort and
				Sussex Subs.
MONEAST   PQ    Montreal East
MONGORYAR NB    Moncton         Gordon Yard
MONIMPEX  PQ	Montreal	?
MONINTTER NB	Moncton		Intermodal Terminal
MONMONINT PQ    Montreal        Montreal Intermodal Terminal (Turcot Yard)
MONTASRIP PQ    Montreal        Taschereau RIP Track?
MONTASYAR PQ    Montreal        Taschereau Yard
MONTREAL  PQ    ?               ?
MONWHARF  PQ    Montreal        Wharf
MOOGRAONL SK    Moose Jaw       Grain Only
MOOJAW    SK    Moose Jaw       Mi 87.5 Avonlea Sub
MOREY     BC    Morey           Mi 57.3 Albreda Sub
MTJOLI    PQ    Mont-Joli
MTLMONTER PQ	Montreal	MonTerm - Turcot Yard
NAKINA    ON    Nakina          Mi 131.6 Caramat Sub
NASHVILLE TN    Nashville       
NBATTLEFO SK    North Battleford        Jct of Aberdeen, Blackfoot & 
					Turtleford Subs
NBAY      ON    North Bay
NBAYONRPA ON	North Bay	ONR Passenger Station
NBEND     BC	?		?
NBIRMIICG AL    North Birmingham         ICG? 
NEECLETRA ON    Thunder Bay     Neebing Yard, cleaning track
NEENAH    WI    Neenah
NETHERHIL SK    Netherhill      Mi 108.3 Rosetown Sub
NEW HAVEN CT    New Haven
NEWBERLIN WI    New Berlin      Near Milwaukee on CNW line
NEWBRUNSW NJ	New Brunswick	(CR)
NEWCARLIS PQ    New Carlisle    Jct of Cascapedia and Chandler Subs now on
				the Chemin de Fer Baie des Chareurs.
NEWCASTLE NB    Newcastle       mi 66.1 Newcastle Sub.  The city is now
				known as Miramichi.
NEWTON    BC	Newton		?
NEWWESTMI BC    New Westminster
NIAFALLS  ON    Niagara Falls
NIAFALPSG ON    Niagara Falls   Passenger station
NICHOL    BC    Nichol          Mi 27.8 Nechako Sub
NMAIJCBAR ME    Hermon          Northern Maine Junction connects BAR and MEC.
NORTHTOWN MN    Minneapolis/St.Paul
				Northtown Yard (BN)
NORWOOD   MN    Norwood
NPLATTE   NE    North Platte
NVANCOUVE BC    North Vancouver BCR Interchange
OAKISLADH NJ    Oak Island ?    part of Newark (CR-Lehigh Valley yard,
				D&H trackage rights)
OATLAND   ON    Oatland         Mi 176.5 Ruel Sub
OBA       ON    Oba             Mi 257.7 Ruel Sub (Jct with ACR's Northern Sub)
OBANNON   KY    Obannon 
OKLCIOKKT OK	Oklahoma City 	Ex Katy then Rock Island then UP
OKLCITY   OK	Oklahoma City	UP
ORLANDO   FL    Orlando
OSHAWA    ON	Oshawa		Mi 303.2 Kingston Sub.
OTTAWA    ON    Ottawa
OTTSTAPAS ON    Ottawa          Passenger station
OYEN      AB    Oyen            Mi 66.7 Oyen Sub
PADDINGTO MB    Paddington      CP near Selkirk, the last station before
				Mandak Metals where many cars go to be
PADUCAH   KY	Paducah		On the Paduca & Louisville (ex ICG)
PAGE      BC	?		?
PALMETTO  GA	Palmetto	
PARWEST   ON    Paris West      on the Dundas Sub.
PASCO     WA    Pasco
PAVILION  MI	Pavilion	Mi 157.2 South Bend Sub.
PAVONIA	  NJ	Pavonia		(CR) In the City of Camden
PEARIVER  AB    Peace River     Mi 48.6 Peace River Sub
PEERS     AB    Peers           Mi 109.8 Edson Sub
PEFFERLAW ON	Pefferlaw	Mi 55.0 Bala Sub.
PEMBROKE  ON	Pembroke	Mi 86.9 Beachburg Sub.
PENEQUANI ON    Penequani       Mi 182.3 Caramat Sub
PETJCT    MB    Petrel Jct.     Jct of Carberry and Rivers Subs
PICARDVIL AB    Picardville     Mi 43.7 Westlock Sub
PICKERING ON    Pickering
PINKHAM   SK    Pinkham         Mi 15.0 Oyen Sub
PINORCHAR ON	Pine Orchard ?
PITSPUR   MB    Pit Siding      Jct of Thicket Sub & Manitoba Hydro Kelsey Spur
PONTIAC   MI	Pontiac		(CN)
PORPLAIN  SK    Porcupine Plain Mi 29.5 Chelan Sub
PORPRAIRI MB    Portage la Prairie
PORTLAND  ME    Portland
POTTERVIL MI	Potterville	
PRESCOTT  ON    Prescott
PRIALBERT SK    Prince Albert   Jct of Tisdale and Warman, 
				Blaine Lake & Paddockwood Subs
PRIGEORGE BC    Prince George   Jct. of Fraser and Nechako Subs.
PRIRUPERT BC    Prince Rupert   Terminus of Skeena Sub (port) 
PROVIDENC VA    Providence      part of Chesapeake on NS according to
				Rand-McNally Commercial Atlas
PROVISO   IL    Proviso
PTALLEN   LA    Port Allen
PTCOLBORN ON    Port Colborne
PTHAWKESB NS    Port Hawkesbury Mi 12.3 CB&CNS Sydney Sub
PTHURON   MI    Port Huron
PTNEWELIZ NJ    Port New Elizabeth      Port Newark/Port Elizabeth  (CR
					and NYS&W)
PTROBINSO ON    Port Robinson
PTSTCHARL PQ    Point St. Charles       (Montreal)
PTSTCHAVI PQ    Point St. Charles       VIA Montreal Maintenance Centre
PUEBLO    CO    Pueblo 
QUAKER    ON    Quaker          Mi 26.6, Bala Sub.  N of Toronto
QUEIMPGRA PQ    Quebec          Probably the Bunge Terminal Elevators
				which are used for winter grain transport
				by CN and CP at the Quebec City Wharf.
QUEPALAIS PQ    Quebec          Gare du Palais
QUINNESEC MI    Quinnesec
RALEIGH	  NC	Raleigh		
RANIER    MN    Ranier
RAIRIVER  ON    Rainy River     Jct of Sprague & Fort Frances Subs
REDPASJCT BC    Red Pass Jct    
REGINA    SK    Regina
REGINTTER SK	Regina		Regina Intermodal Terminal
REGIS     ON    Regis           Mi 65.4 Kingston Sub
RICHILL   ON	Richmond Hill	Mi 21.0 Bala Sub.
RICHMOND  PQ    Richmond
RIDLEY    BC    Ridley Island   Ridley Island is the large grain and 
				coal terminal just east of Prince Rupert.
RIVERS    MB    Rivers          Mi 143.2 Rivers Sub
RIVLOUP   PQ    Riviere-du-Loup Jct of Mont-Joli and Montmagny Subs
RIVPRAIRI PQ    Riviere des Prairies    Mi 132.8 St-Laurent Sub
RIVROUGE  MI	River Rouge	Detroit
ROASPRING PA    Roaring Spring  CR-Everett RR
ROBBANK   BC	Delta		Deltaterm at Roberts Bank
ROBLIN    MB    Roblin          Mi 62.6 Togo Sub
ROCKINGHA NS    Rockingham      Mi 6.0 Bedford Sub
ROMJCT    AB    Roma Jct.       Jct of Peace River and Manning Subs
ROSETOWN  SK    Rosetown        Mi 62.2 Rosetown Sub
SAGPOWER  PQ    Saguenay Power  Mi 183.2 Lac St. Jean Sub, junction with
				the northern section of the Chemin de Fer
				Roberval-Saguenay, the former Alma and 
SARNIA    ON    Sarnia          Mi 58.9 Strathroy Sub
SASINTTER SK	Saskatoon	Saskatoon Intermodal Terminal
SASKATOON SK    Saskatoon
SASNEWPSG SK    Saskatoon       "New" passenger station. Mi 191.6 Watrous Sub
SASWHEPOO SK    ?               Something to do with the Saskatchewan 
				Wheat Pool, no doubt.  Perhaps a Pool
				elevator in Saskatoon.
SBEND     IN	South Bend	Mi 100.0 South Bend Sub.
SCHPARK   IL	Schiller Park	WC Trackage Rights (Chicago)
SEARSPORT ME    Searsport       Bangor and Aroostook
SELKIRK   NY    Selkirk         Selkirk Yard, Conrail
SENECA    NY    Seneca
SENNETERR PQ    Senneterre      Jct of St. Maurice and Taschereau Subs
SEXSMITH  AB    Sexsmith        Mi 35.0 Grande Prairie Sub
SHAWINIGA PQ    Shawinigan
SHAVER    AB    Shaver          Spur off Mi 222.7 Grande Cache Sub
SHELBY    KY    Shelby
SHELLBROO SK    Shellbrook      Mi 28.5 Blaine Lake Sub
SHILO		Shilo?		??
SILVER    ON	Silver		Mi 21.4 Halton Sub. Mi 30.0 Guelph Sub.
SIOLOOKOU ON    Sioux Lookout   Jct of Allanwater and Redditt Subs
SKEARNY   NJ    South Kearny    (CR ex PRR)  One of the yards in the
				Newark area.
SKEENA    BC    Skeena          Mi 58.5 Skeena Sub
SMIFALEAS ON    Smiths Falls East
SMITH     AB    Smith           Jct of Westlock and Slave Lake Subs
SMITHERS  BC    Smithers        Jct of Bulkley and Telkwa Subs
SNIDER    ON	Snider		Mi 23.6 York Sub. Mi 12.9 Newmarket Sub.
SOLON     OH    Solon           on CR and Wheeling & Lake Erie
SOMAHA    NE    South Omaha
SPARRY    ON    South Parry
SPOKANE   WA    Spokane
SPRINGFIE VA    Springfield
STADELPHE PQ    Saint-Adelphe   Mi 62.9 La Tuque Sub
STANDKAMO PQ    St-Andre de Kamouraska
STANNE    MB    Ste-Anne        Mi 126.0 Sprague Sub
STANTOINE PQ    St. Antoine	Mi 28.8 Sorel sub.  There is a wye here
				for turning locomotives.
STCROIXJC MN    St. Croix Junction      Part of Hastings, east end of the BNSF
					(CB&Q)- Soo Line River
					Sub. (CMStP&P) joint track
					to St Paul area
STEROCK   MB    Steep Rock
STEPT     WI    Stephens Point
STFELICIE PQ    St. Felicien
STFOY     PQ    Sainte-Foy      Mi 3.6 Bridge Sub
STGREGOIR PQ	St. Gregoir	Mi 14.4 Becancour sub.
STHYACINT PQ    Saint-Hyacinthe Mi 40.9 St-Hyacinthe Sub
STISIDORC PQ    Saint-Isidore   Actually St-Isidore-de-Chateauguay 
STJAMJCT  MB	St. James Jct.	Mi 4.8 Rivers Sub and Mi 0.0 Oak Point
				Sub. Starting point for the Prairie Dog
STJEAN    PQ    Saint-Jean      Mi 22.2 Rouses Point
STJEROME  PQ    St. Jerome
STJOHIMPE NB	St. John	Probably St. John Port Authority
STJOHN    NB    Saint John      MP:86.9 Sussex sub and interchange
				with NB Southern's McAdam Sub.
STLAMBERT PQ    St. Lambert
STLAMPASS PQ	St. Lambert	Passenger station at Mi 70.3 St. Hyacinthe
STLEONARD NB    St. Leonard     mile 194.1 on Napadogan Sub., southeast of
				Edmundston. Interchange with BAR
STLUC     PQ    Montreal        St. Luc Yard, CPRS
STLUCPARS PQ    Montreal        Parsley, Junction with CP at 
				Taschereau Yard
STOUFFVIL ON	Stouffville	Mi 40.6 Uxbridge Sub.
STPHINERI PQ    ?               ?
STPOLYCAR PQ	St. Polycarpe	
STRATFORD ON	Stratford	Mi 88.5 Guelph Sub.
STROMUALD PQ    St. Romuald     Saint-Romuald is the location of the 
				Ultramar refinery that is the east 
				end of the run for CN's "Ultratrain" 
				tank train.  It's at the west end of 
				the Ultramar Spur, which extends west 
				5.3 miles from Mile 42.2 of the 
				Montmagny Sub.
STROSALIE PQ    Sainte-Rosalie  Jct of Drummondville and St-Hyacinthe Subs
STROSJCT  PQ	Ste. Rose Jct.
SUDBURY   ON    Sudbury         Mi 262.1 Bala Sub
SUPERIOR  WI    Superior        On BNSF or Soo or ????
SUSSEX    NB    Sussex          Mi 43.3 Sussex Sub
SWALANDIN AB    Swan Landing    Jct of Edson and Grand Cache Subs
SWARIVER  MB    Swan River      Mi 98.5 Cowan Sub
TANGENT   AB    Tangent         Mi 307.8 Smoky Sub
TERRACE   BC    Terrace         Jct of Bulkley, Kitimat and Skeena Subs
TETJAUNE  BC    Tete Jaune      Mi 4.7 Tete Jaune Sub
THAMESVIL ON	Thamesville	Mi 46.7 Chatham
THEPAS    MB    The Pas         Jct of Turnberry and Wekusko Subs
THOJCT    IL	Thornton Jct.	Mi 25.2 South Bend Sub. Jct. w/UP
THOROLD   ON    Thorold         Mi 4.4 Thorold Sub
THUBAYMCK ON    Thunder Bay     McKellar Island Terminal
THUBAY    ON    Thunder Bay  
TOLEDO    OH    Toledo          On GTW (now I&O)?
TONDERN   ON			Between Hornepayne and Longlac?
TORCLNTK  ON    Toronto         Toronto Cleaning Track
TORCONINT ON	Toronto?	???
TORMACYAR ON    Toronto         Macmillan Yard
TORRANCE  ON    Torrence        Torrance is on the Bala Sub, near 
				Bala.  Strangely, the CN Bala Sub 
				does not go through Bala, and 
				Torrance is about as close as it gets.
TORUNION  ON    Toronto         Union Station
TRANSCONA MB    Winnipeg        Transcona Shops  
TRARAIYAR MB	Winnipeg	Transcona Rail Yard
TRURO     NS    Truro           Junction of Bedford and Springhill subs
				and CB&CNS Hopewell sub. 
TUCKER    GA    Tucker
TUPPER    NS    Point Tupper    mi 13.6 on CB&CNS's Sydney Sub jct with
				Point Tupper Spur.
TURCOT    PQ    Montreal        Turcot Yard
TYNER     SK    Tyner           Mi 18.7 White Bear Sub
VALDOR    PQ    Val d'Or        Mi 36.4 Val d'Or Sub
VALLEYFIE PQ    Valleyfield
VALPARAIS IN	Valparaiso	Mi 57.3 South Bend Sub.
VANAR     AZ	Vanar ?	
VANCENPIE BC    Vancouver       Centennial Pier
VANCOUVER BC    Vancouver       most likely Via station!
VANINTTER BC	Vancouver	Vancouver Intermodal Terminal
VANSAPINT BC    Vancouver       Sapperton Interchange
VANSCOY   SK    Vanscoy         Mi 12.4 Rosetown Sub
VANTHOYAR BC    Vancouver       Thornton Yard  
VANVANTER BC	Vancouver	Vanterm container facility in Vancouver
VANVIA    BC	Vancouver	VIA station
VAVENBY   BC    Vavenby         Mi 53.0 Clearwater Sub
VEGREVILL AB    Vegreville      Mi 57.9 Vegreville Sub
VENN      SK    Venn            Mi 120.7 Watrous Sub
VERMILION AB    Virmilion       Jct Blackfoot and Vegreville Subs
VERNON    BC    Vernon
VIKING    AB    Viking          Mi 184.5 Wainwright Sub. E of Edmonton.
VIRGINIA  MN    Virginia        Mi 73.3 Rainy Sub on DW&P
VONORE    TN    Vonore
WABAMUN   AB    Wabamun         Mi 44.3 Edson Sub
WAINWRIGH AB    Wainwright      Mi 140.0 Wainwright Sub 
WALBRIDGE OH    Walbridge
WABOWDEN  MB    Wabawden        Jct of Wekusko and Thicket Subs   
WAINWRIGH AB	Wainwright	
WANHAM    AB    Wanham          Mi 335.2 Smoky Sub
WASHAGO   ON    Washago
WATROUS   SK    Watrous         Mi 129.0 Watrous Sub
WAUWATOSA WI    Wauwatosa	(CP/Soo) ex Milwaukee Road
WAVERLY   NS    Waverley        on Dartmouth Sub
WAYCROSS  GA    Waycross
WAYNE     MI    Wayne
WENATCHEE WA    Wenatchee       BNSF ex-GN
WESTFIELD MA    Westfield
WIELAND   PQ	Wieland ?	
WILHAY    AB    Wild Hay        Mi 20.4 Wild Cache Sub
WILLIAMSP PA    Williamsport 
WINDSOR   ON    Windsor         Mi 105.6 Chatham Sub
WINGRAONL MB    Winnipeg        Grain Only
WININTTER MB	Winnipeg	Intermodal Terminal
WINJCT    NS	Windsor Jct.	Mi 15.8 Bedford Jct. Jct. w/WHRC
WINNIPEG  MB    Winnipeg        Jct of Redditt and Rivers Subs
WINPSGR   ON    Windsor         Passenger station
WINSYMCAR MB    Winnipeg        Symington Car Shop ?
WINSYMRIP MB    Winnipeg        Symington Yard, Rip Track
WINSYMYAR MB    Winnipeg        Symington Yard
WINVANWAT ON    Windsor         Van De Water Yard is the main yard 
				in Windsor, on the former CASO.
WIRCACHE  BC    Wire Cache      Siding at mile 29.8 Clearwater Sub. Two 
				tracks, 54 cars and 14 cars according to 
				the Oct 64 Time Table. April 96 Time table 
				lists Storage tracks CF23/24 2680 ft 
				Capacity. The East switch may have been
				removed since.
WISHRAM   WA    Wishram         BNSF ex SP&S
WJCT      PQ    West Jct.	mi 123.6 Montmagny Sub, Mi 16.8 Diamond
				Sub. and Mi 8.8 Drummondville Sub.
WOLCREEK  AB    Wolf Creek      Mi 120.8 Edson Sub
WOODGROVE AB    Woodgrove	On the Bonnyville Sub north of Edmonton
WOODNORTH MB    Woodnorth       Mi 53.0 Cromer Sub
WOODSTOCK ON	Woodstock	Mi 49.6 Dundas Sub.
WORONOCO  MA    Woronoco        CR-Boston & Albany
WSPRINGFI MA    West Springfield
WYLANDVIL PA	Wylandville
YANFITCHV CT    Yantic-Fitchville       New England Central (the late
					lamented Central Vermont!)
YARCENTER IL    Dolton		Yard Center.  The former C&EI yard now run
				jointly by CSXT (L&N) and UP (MP). 
YUKON     FL    Yukon
ZEALANDIA SK    Zealandia       Mi 55.7 Rosetown Su

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